It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

So that lovely time of year has come around again, where everyone gathers for, well, let’s be honest, a good old fashioned piss up. After 2 wonderful years in Australia I have to say I was kind of looking forward to coming home and spending some quality Crimbo time with the family – swapping presents, laugher and good tidings…

Oh, wait, I forgot I don’t live in a Dickens novel.

My memories of Christmas’ past seem to be slightly distorted, as the reality of the holiday seems to now consist of drinking far too much wine, eating more than should be humanly possible and falling asleep in front of Elf. Again.

Get me on the first flight back to Oz – I think a beer, a bbq and a beach will suit me just fine this holiday season.

Maxx Dry's all round!


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