5 Tips For A Stress Free Flight

Flying. Whether you love it or hate it, if you’re travelling, you’re going to have to do it.

It doesn’t have to be so drab though, follow these tips and you’re guaranteed to have a great flight!

1. Check the details before you fly

A UK couple were recently in the papers because they bought what seemed like a ridiculously good deal on a flight from Birmingham to the Caribbean – unfortunately on turning up at the airport they discovered their flight was actually leaving from Birmingham ALABAMA, about 4000 miles away…

Moral of this story kids is to make sure you check the details before you head off for your flight! Even if you’ve got the right airport make sure to check which airline you will be flying with, and which terminal you’ll be leaving from; some terminals can be situated a good drive from each other, so it would be a hell of a walk!

2. Plan how to get to the airport

You’ve booked your flight, booked your next hostel, and even booked a table at that new fancy restaurant. What’s left? Oh yeah, book your transport TO the airport! Getting to your flight can be one of the most stressful parts of the journey, so that’s why it’s crucial to make sure you plan it well, not only to get there in time, but to also not get ripped off in the process.

Take a trip to your local transport advice centre to find out the best ways to get to the airport. Although a taxi can seem like the easiest option, you can often end up spending a lot more than necessary booking them when there are cheaper transport options available. In some places there are even regular local buses running to the airport that cost just a couple of dollars. Do your research and you can end up saving a bundle in the long run.

3. Arrive well in advance

This is going to sound like a silly one, but it’s amazing how many people miss their flights because they didn’t leave enough time to get there. You might only live a half hour’s drive from the airport, but don’t forget rush hour traffic, forgotten passports and the dreaded security checks. Get there early and the worst that could happen is you’ll be waiting a bit longer in the airport – better than forking out a load for another flight! The general rules are for domestic flights try to arrive 1.5 hours before you’re flight is due to leave, and for international flights leave about 2.5-3 hours, just to be safe.

4. Bring entertainment

It’s easy to forget how big Australia is, but it’s fair to say you could fit the majority of Europe inside it. Therefore, try to remember when you’re casually booking that domestic flight from Sydney to Perth for example, you’ll be setting yourself up for a 5 hour flight. Now, I don’t know about you, but for me that’s pretty long haul.

Nonetheless, as the flight is still technically domestic, you’ll be flying on a domestic plane. That means, if you book cheap like me, you’re going to be sat on a Ryan Air-esque plane for FIVE HOURS. No entertainment and you’d be lucky to get a small packet of peanuts to satisfy your hunger.

This is why it’s essential to bring some entertainment for the journey. Bring a book, listen to music, or if you’ve got a laptop watch a movie, and definitely bring some snacks. Anything to save you from hearing the life story of the businessman to your left.

5. Wrap up

So this is a sneaky trick I learned from a friend whilst travelling in Malaysia. When you’re flying with super budget airlines they do the most they can to squeeze that extra dollar out of you on the plane. It’s natural that when you’re in a hot country that your general attire would be shorts and t-shirt, why wouldn’t it? Well, those crafty airlines have a trick up their sleeves – once you get all strapped in the plane in your holiday gear they blast on the air-con until the temperature is bordering on winter in the North Pole. “Would you like to buy a blanket madam?”


Save yourself from getting ripped off by bringing warm clothes so you can wrap up. Plus you’ll feel super smug turning to the air steward and giving them a defiant “No thank you, I’m fine.”



Follow these tips and you won’t go far wrong…I hope.

Enjoy your flight!





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