Music Spotlight: Flume

This week’s music spotlight is the wonderfully talented DJ and producer Harley Streten, better known by his stage name, Flume. This Sydney born electric wonder released his self-titled debut album in November 2012, and he shot to fame from there, winning in 2013 ARIA’s Best Male Artist, Best Breakthrough Artist, Best Dance Release AND Producer of the Year. Not too shoddy for a 22 year old…

The top track off this album has to be ‘Holdin On’ – if you like electro, you’re going to love this. It’s the ultimate summer club song to get you going, or even just plug the earphones in, turn it up, and get a good head nod on.

If you’re a fan, give this remix ‘Sleepless Club’ a listen. It’s been reworked by WEKEED, and it layers the New Zealand singer Lorde’s vocals from her track ‘The Love Club’ over Flume’s track ‘Sleepless’. A great new song to get over those winter blues.

If you have any suggestions for Australian artists you think deserve the spotlight, let me know and I’ll be sure to do a post!


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