Happy Australia Day!

That great day has come around once again, and that means one thing – an excuse to throw a party! All around the country flags and glasses are being raised in celebration of a momentous occasion in the nation’s history, and, more importantly, a day off work.

“But what is Australia Day all about?” I hear you cry.

Well, kids…

Australia Day was invented to mark the anniversary of the first fleet of British ships to arrive in Sydney in 1788. Packed full of convicts, there was no way this was a bad idea. Luckily enough though, it worked out alright in the end, and those crafty Pommies thought they would quite like to stay for good. Yay!

Nowadays, Australians use it as a day to celebrate the country’s diversity, and has now become the nation’s largest public event, with families and friends alike gathering together for fun and festivities.

The holiday has also been nicknamed ‘Invasion Day’ by many in the Aboriginal community for, well, obvious reasons.

So that’s the history lesson over folks. Time to sit back, relax and enjoy the day.

Whether you’re beaching, boozing or barbecuing (or if you’re lucky, all three) I hope you have a fabulous Australia Day!


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