Goodbye Australia…Hello World!

So it’s been a year and three months since I waved my final goodbye Down Under and, like any first love, I don’t think I’ll ever truly get over it. But that’s ok, the world is one giant sea full of very slutty countries to help me try.

And that is why is why this will be my last post as Work Anywhere: Australia – I’ve decided I shouldn’t focus on simply one country when there are hundreds all over the world just waiting to be visited. Grab your visas and passports girls and boys, we’re about to go travelling.

I will still be using the blog to shamelessly plug my travel guide (Work Anywhere: Australia – available on Amazon Kindle and iBooks) but I will now spend my free time tirelessly searching the best ways for you lovely people to be able to explore new countries without money being a worry. Working visas are for many still an undiscovered gold mine, so if you have friends/family who were thinking of working and travelling abroad send them over here to get digging!

So goodbye Australia, it’s been beautiful, but now let’s see what the rest of the world has to offer.

Peace out xx


Music Spotlight: Foreign/National

Fancy a bit of musical escapism this September? Well I have just the band for you, with the perfect ‘get away from it all’ band Foreign/National. Summer may be over for some in the world and just beginning for others, but with their beautiful track Life Tourist you’re sure to never feel far away from those rays!

The band describe themselves as “Five guys from Melbourne, Australia who use jazz chords, detuned keyboards, a heap of modulated guitar and lilting vocals to make what is best described as nostalgic, detuned, pop music” (Facebook) and that pretty much says it all, really. Although still unsigned, they’re already making musical waves, being featured in Triple J’s ‘Unearthed Featured Artist’, beginning their East Coast tour at the end of October, and they’re also playing Paradise Festival at the end of November – it won’t be too long until these guys get picked up.

All that’s left to say is have a listen to Life Tourist and let it take you away for 3 magical minutes:

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Top Photo Blogs of Australia

We all love to think we’re pro-photographers on our travels, and with the help of intstagram, those cheeky beach sunset snaps don’t look half bad! But when it comes to photoblogging, these guys really know how to do it. Australia’s a stunning country, and these photographers really capture its essence. Check out my fave photo bloggers from around the country:

Luke Tscharke Photography – Photoblogger of the Year 2013. What more needs to be said?


Heiko Waechter – Melbourne is famed for its urban culture, and Heiko manages to capture so much of that in just a single picture.


Michael Snedic – Showing us what amazing wildlife we have the chance to see (and often take for granted) in Australia.

Humpback Whales - gallery

The Things I Saw – An almost dreamlike Wizard of Oz Kansas meets the Australian Outback…a completely original take on outdoor photography in the country.


Club of The Waves – This blog doesn’t entirely focus on Australia, but what is a photo blog review without a few pics of hot surfers doing what they do best? You’re welcome.


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Venom antidote at the ready…

So it’s nothing new to hear that Australia’s home to some pretty scary wildlife – but how about the top 10 deadliest? Well, The Telegraph has compiled this lovely list for you so now you know what REALLY to watch out for!

Think in two years I’ve had run ins with about 5 of these guys and made it out unscathed – not bad for a novice!

Check out the article in the link below:

Australia’s Deadliest Creatures

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Music Spotlight: Little May

This week’s music spotlight is for all you guys and gals out there who are a bit hippy at heart. Little May are a gorgeous 3 piece girl band from Sydney, whose music influences include “Local Natives, Bon Iver and Fleetwood Mac”, and giving their songs a listen it’s easy to spot this. ‘Hide’ is the hauntingly beautiful first track off their self-titled EP, which is due for release later this year, and once you hear it you’ll be sure to agree with me that this is a band with a big future ahead of them.

Following on to their second single release – ‘Boardwalks’. This is a track that will leaving you wanting to just head out on a long drive and discover somewhere new. Real hippy stuff. Watching their videos and see the girls play their own instruments also makes you feel like, unlike many of the chart toppers these days, these guys really understand their music.

Let’s hope they get the recognition they deserve this year, and I’ve put Soundcloud links to their 2 tracks below, so give them a listen! As always, let me know if there’s any new Australian talent you think is worth knowing about 🙂

What’s On: ANZAC Day 25th April (All Australia)

On the 25th April every year, Australians and New Zealanders take a moment to remember those who served and those who died “in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations” thoughout history. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, and the remembrance day is held on this date to mark the first campaign in the First World War when these forces suffered major casualties and deaths.

This day is as important in Australia and New Zealand as our Remembrance Day is to us, so if you are over there do treat it with the respect it deserves. Also, if you are in Canberra on the 25th, you can visit the Australian War Memorial for its Dawn Service, a truly memorable experience.